Woodpeckers’ persistent drumming can be a source of annoyance and disruption. Plus, when woodpeckers target man-made structures such as buildings, their drilling can cause significant damage to wooden siding, trees, and even architectural elements of houses or commercial buildings. In addition to the physical damage, the constant drumming noise can be highly disruptive and irritating to occupants.

Woodpecker Removal Service

Icon Bird specializes in providing a highly effective and reliable woodpecker removal service. With our deep expertise in wildlife management, we offer a broad range of services designed to successfully eliminate woodpeckers from residential and commercial properties. Our team of skilled professionals takes pride in addressing the specific needs of each client, consistently delivering exceptional results, and bringing peace of mind to those dealing with woodpecker-related issues.

Woodpecker Exclusion Service

At Icon Bird, we take a proactive approach to woodpecker control with our exclusive woodpecker exclusion service. Our experienced team implements proven techniques and innovative strategies to discourage woodpeckers from taking up residence in residential and commercial areas. By tailoring our solutions to the unique requirements of each property, we create environments that are unattractive to woodpeckers, ensuring that our clients enjoy a woodpecker-free space and a sense of tranquility.