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Address: Bird Control – 35 West Pearce St., Unit#30, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3A9

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    Take action today and call Icon Bird for a free quote. Our experts will provide tailored bird control solutions for your property, ensuring a bird-free environment. Don’t let bird issues continue to cause damage – contact us now!

    Say goodbye to sparrow problems on your property. Call Icon Bird for a free quote and let our experienced team provide effective bird control solutions. Achieve a peaceful and bird-free environment with our customized approach.

    Don’t tolerate sparrow infestations any longer. Contact Icon Bird today for a free quote and say goodbye to the headaches caused by birds. Our experts are ready to deliver effective bird control solutions.

    Client Testimonials

    BMW Sold

    “I have used this company 2 times so far. Last time was for the Removal of birds from the ventilator. Perfectly removed the birds and sealed the outside. No more birds on my roof. 🙏”

    Matthew Taylor

    “Excellent professional service every time. Mason, our service specialist is super professional and always gives us advice for dealing with issues. Thank you!”

    kh p

    “We had a great experience with Icon company from start to finish and after their treatment we had no issues at all .. Matt is a professional technician and he is so knowledgeable and on time . I will recommend him to my family and friends.”


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