Bird Control in Richmond Hill

Protecting Property with Bird Netting by Icon Bird


If you live or own a business in Richmond Hill, your property is important to you. Bird infestations can seriously harm your investment through droppings, diseases spread by droppings, and physical damage caused by the birds. Icon Bird offers effective solutions using specialized bird netting systems.

Specializing in quality bird netting installation, Icon Bird customizes netting systems for different types of properties. We use modern techniques to ensure complete coverage, keeping birds out while maintaining an attractive appearance.

Bird netting functions by acting as a physical barrier. It is made from lightweight yet extremely durable materials. The netting blocks birds from accessing and nesting in designated areas such as gardens, patios, balconies, and commercial buildings. Utilizing bird netting effectively prevents both property damage and the spread of diseases that bird droppings can cause.

Different Types for Different Needs

Icon Bird provides several distinct types of bird netting designed for various bird control situations. Thin polyethylene netting is ideal for deterring small to medium-sized birds. For extra strength, we offer a knotted style of netting. Heavy-duty welded wire netting is available for industrial or large-scale applications. We even have specialized pigeon netting developed to stop these persistent urban pest birds.

Choosing the right type of bird netting depends on factors like the species of bird, the size of the area needing protection, the desired level of durability, and aesthetic considerations. Icon Bird’s netting experts can assess your particular requirements and recommend the ideal netting system before carrying out the installation.

Get It Done Right!

Proper installation technique is absolutely vital for ensuring reliable and long-lasting bird protection. Installation follows industry best practices such as: accurately measuring the area, using a small mesh size that birds cannot pass through, constructing sturdy support structures to hold up the netting, tightly securing the netting in place without any loose areas, and verifying there are no gaps or holes that birds could potentially exploit. Icon Bird’s installation technicians are highly trained professionals who strictly adhere to these proven installation methods.

After the initial installation, regular inspections and timely repairs are necessary for maintaining the continued effectiveness of any bird netting system over years of use. Icon Bird offers comprehensive netting maintenance services to identify and fix any damage, holes, or other issues that could compromise protection. We make adjustments as needed to ensure the netting remains taut with no gaps. With proper care, bird netting can last for a very long time before eventually requiring replacement.

The Advantages of Installing Bird Netting

Bird netting provides property owners with a multitude of significant benefits. It protects properties from potential bird damage and unsightly messes. Bird netting also reduces the health risks associated with bird droppings accumulating around homes or businesses. From an aesthetic standpoint, netting eliminates the recurring visual eyesore of


Bird netting is typically a very cost-effective solution compared to repeated cleanings to remove droppings. Once installed correctly, bird netting requires only minimal ongoing maintenance. Overall, an effective bird netting system allows property owners to simply enjoy their bird-free, mess-free outdoor spaces.

With Over 15 Years of Experience in Bird Netting Installation in Richmond Hill, Icon Bird Is the Perfect Choice

For true expertise in bird netting solutions, Richmond Hill property owners can rely on the team at Icon Bird. Our services encompass: consultations to understand each customer’s unique netting needs, recommendations on the ideal netting type for the situation, professional installation carried out following industry-approved guidelines, ongoing maintenance and repair work to continuously extend the netting’s functional lifespan, and a 100% workmanship guarantee on the installation. Icon Bird takes pride in providing tailored, high-quality bird netting systems while offering competitive free quotes.

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