Crows are large, black birds that are found in urban and rural areas. They are opportunistic feeders, foraging on a diverse range of food sources. While they primarily consume insects, seeds, fruits, and carrion, they are also notorious for their scavenging habits. Trash cans, dumpsters, and even open garbage bags become attractive feeding grounds for crows, leading to occasional conflicts with homeowners and businesses.

Crow Removal Service

Our crow removal service at Icon Bird provides a reliable and efficient solution for dealing with nuisance crows. With our expertise in wildlife management, we offer a comprehensive range of services to effectively remove crows from residential and commercial properties. Our skilled professionals work diligently to address the specific needs of each client, ensuring exceptional results and peace of mind for those struggling with crow-related issues.

Crow Exclusion Service

At Icon Bird, our crow exclusion service takes a proactive approach to keeping nuisance crows away from properties. Our knowledgeable team employs proven exclusion tactics and habitat modification techniques to effectively discourage crows from settling on residential and commercial sites. By designing customized solutions for each property, we create an inhospitable environment for crows, providing clients with a crow-free area and the peace of mind they deserve.